John Berry Novels
A Night of Horrors, a historical thriller about the 24 hours of Lincoln's assassination!

Reviews and Comments

The excerpts below are just some of the great comments that have been posted for A Night of Horrors.  Since it's publication, the reviews and accolades have been very gratifying.  The novel has reached Amazon's top 10 List of eBooks for historical thrillers at least three different times and is regularly in the top 2% of all ebooks sold on 

  • "John Berry's historical novel of the assassination of President Lincoln is a gourmet serving." 
  • "John Berry has written a masterpiece of historical reality woven into the form of a novel."
  • "Takes a period we all 'know' ... and mixes them brilliantly with characters most of us haven't heard of and takes us into the minds of real people in a way that makes everyone and everything come alive."
  • "Wonderful read even for non history buffs."
  • "The book is a page turner."
  • "Berry has brought to life a part of our history that was fascinating, gruesome and unbelievable ... an insightful and riveting account of the events leading up to the assassination."