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A Night of Horrors the first historical thriller of the 24 hours leading to the assassination of Abraham Lincoln!

A Night of Horrors

John Charles Berry's first novel is a best-selling historical thriller on Amazon!  In 2012, A Night of Horrors has been a top-ten historical thriller ebook on three separate occasions.  It has also made it as high as the top 35 in historical fiction ebooks.  Since its publication in July 2011, the novel is regularly in the top 2% of the one million ebooks for sale at Amazon.

A thriller about the 24 hours of the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.  This tightly plotted novel captures the single day when John Booth and his conspirators plot to kill President, VP, and Secretary of State; the Cabinet plans a post-war US; and the Lincolns dream about their future.  It builds to the simultaneous and brutal attacks that left lives shattered and a nation paralyzed.

Learn more about the movements of John Wilkes Booth, the discussions of the cabinet, the carriage ride of Abraham and Mary Lincoln, and the attacks on Abraham Lincoln, the sixteenth president of the United States, William Seward, the Secretary of the United States under Lincoln and Johnson, and the aborted attack on Andrew Johnson, the Vice President.  All occurring on April 14, 1865, the day Lincoln was shot.  Click here for the events of the 24 hours leading to Lincoln's death.
Click here to see a comprehensive bibliography of the works consulted by John Charles Berry in the research and writing of A Night of Horrors.