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My KDP Select Experiment, Part 2

So I wanted to follow up, almost four weeks after I posted my earlier blog on trying out the new Amazon KDP Select program for indie authors.  As I shared, during the 48 hour promotion period, my novel, A Night of Horrors, shot up the list to as high as the 130s for free Kindle fiction and to number 5 on the Historical Fiction list.  On February 4th, it switched back to paid status at the $2.99 price.  And I must say I have been very pleased with how things have transpired for the past four weeks.

Now, the first thing that I have to say is that I didn't think about the fact that I was conducting my free promotion on the two days before Super Bowl weekend.  So, note to self, think about the context of what's going on in the world prior to doing a promotion.  That being said, my KDP Select promotion has done great things for my novel.

From my research, I expected to see three things when the book flipped back to sold: 

  1. The book would rank much higher on the multitude of lists that Amazon provides on subjects and categories of book searches
  2. The actual sales would rise and be much higher than they were before the promotion
  3. Sales would peak a few days after going back to paid status.

Well, right from the start, the sales were quite strong and actually remained very high for an entire week.  There are now 1 million books in the Kindle library and A Night of Horrors reached as high as 3,895 in that first week!  (That's the top 0.3% of all Kindle books, by the way.)  Prior to the promotion, it had only gotten as high as 14,989 and that was for just a day back in October.

But what I've been most pleased by is that the sales have remained consistently high.  Whereas prior to the promotion, the sales fluctuated wildly from day to day, for the past four weeks the daily ranges have tightened considerably and remained very consistent.

The bottom line:  in the four weeks since my first 48 hour free book promotion, I have sold 4.5 times the highest amount I'd sold in any of the first five months the book was published.  I haven't missed the very meager sales that I gave up on the other ebook channels by placing A Night of Horrors into the exclusive KDP Select Program as Amazon is the big dog when it comes to ebook sales.  This has been an unqualified success for A Night of Horrors.

My next step is to do a 24 hour free book promotion on Thursday, March 1 and see how a 24 hour promo compares to a 48 hour promo.

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