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In Memory of Rebecca Ann Berry

A year ago today, my mother passed away after a long struggle against a rare brain disease called Progressive Supra-nuclear Palsy.  While it slowly robbed her of important motor functions (like swallowing, clear speech, and balance) it never robbed her of her bright spirit and vibrant faith.  At a recent remembrance ceremony, my father shared this moving tribute to her.  They were married for 56 years and she was the mother of three boys and eight grandchildren. 

I miss you, Mom.

In Memory of Rebecca Ann Berry
by Gene Berry

Her spirit flows through me like the wind through the trees, embracing me, soothing my soul.
She can come anytime, reminding me of what was and what will be.
I wait for her expectantly knowing that it is her I see.
Though in another dimension, heaven, out there, somewhere, I hope soon.
I am still sad but the hurt is ebbing away.
Yet she lives within me, there to stay.

She only wanted to please her family and in that she surely did succeed.
She would give of herself to each of us, trying to satisfy our every need.
The energy, love, and self-sacrifice would take our breath away.

Even to her friends and those she did not know she gave her best, silently, steadily, and with grace to imbue.
And when she did help others she took the hardest, messiest job, no one wanted to do.
When the work was finished she asked for nothing, no praise was due.

And now it has been a year from when her spirit left and her body turned cold.
Yet it seems like yesterday when I held her, helped her, washed her every pore.

Now I must embrace my sons, her image in them I see.
In them will be her legacy.
I must carry on to help others the way she would want it to be.
And before I know it I will see her and all will be complete.

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