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Just Published:  Culpable:  An Issac Black Missing Persons Investigation!!

John Berry is an exciting new novelist who burst on the indie author scene last year with his historical thriller on Lincoln's assassination.  He is now thrilling his readers again with the introduction of Isaac Black, a missing persons detective searching for a missing teen girl in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Berry's Next Novel has just been published

John Charles Berry's debut novel, a historical thriller on the 24 hours of Lincoln's Assassination, riveted readers when it was first published in the summer of 2011.  He quickly built a devoted following.  As a result, A Night of Horrors hit the top 10 of Amazon's historical thriller list in the spring of 2012.

Now Berry has published his follow-up novelCulpable is set in 2009 in Charlotte, North Carolina, in the midst of the financial crisis.  It recounts the missing person investigation of Lindsay Lawless, the 13 year old daughter of Edward Lawless, the wealthiest man in the city.  Lindsay is snatched from the street right in front of her house as she walks home from school.  Isaac Black, the missing persons detective, must uncover the secrets the family wants to keep hidden while figuring out why there's been no ransom request, and at the same time keep two steps ahead of the internal department politics.

Culpable is a thrilling novel that is as relevant as today's headlines.  One reviewer said that it is such a gripping read, it gave her nightmaresBerry's next novel should be available in early 2014.

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